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Creating opportunities to improve lives.

Impact Funding

Raising ₦10m+ for bakery of bread and delivery services.

Our Impact-first investing means investing in a way that seeks the highest possible social impact, while seeking to preserve capital with a modest financial return for investors.
We believe that impact-first investing has an essential role to play in advancing sustainable solutions to poverty for millions of people worldwide.

Structured and Impact Credit

Processed pepper, cassava, cucumber for consumers
Cultivated on over 16 hectares of farmland
Raised ₦10m+ for Farmers
Raising ₦25m+ for ToFarms and Porky Pork Farm

Innovation and Technology

Crop protection
Data & Market analysis
GPS and weather device trafficking

“Innovative digital tools empower farmers through actionable insights. Farmers have always collected and evaluated a large amount of data with each growing season: seeds planted, inputs applied, crops harvested.”

We empower smallholder farmers in Africa with innovative digital tools, through actionable insights on the right product in the right place, at the right time and at the right amount.

Food and Sales

Harvest aggregation
Input sales and collection
Provision of technical expertise of GAP
Aggregation centres across Africa
The functions of turning fresh from the farm foods into forms ready for sale or consumption , is an important step that requires physicals infrastructure. With our provisional expertise and technical methods , distribution of food to the markets at the right price and time becomes viable to markets and communities.

Project SVF Africa Expansion

SVF Africa aims to raise $3,000,000 USD to expand it project in Africa to improve the economic position of smallholder farmers and their families by partnership with foreign and local institutions to provide them with enhanced market access and technical assistance while boosting food production and sustainability.

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